Buddy Slim Credit Card Holder

€ 15.00

Brilliantly designed, this great little credit card holder is slim enough to be carried comfortably in the pockets of a pair of Jeans, but also pockets and sections. On the inside of this card holder are six card pockets and two larger pockets which can take cash. On the outside there are pockets on the front and back of the holder that have more than enough room for additional cards. So, in total, this holder can take eight cards, each in their own pockets, and provides two larger pockets for notes. For those that dislike the plastic inserts Also comes with a beautiful Abamaxa gift box.

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Cody Tab Credit Card Holder

This tough little credit card holder offers excellent value for money. It is made from a tough, but soft, leather and is held shut with a tab, secured with a pop stud. It has capacity for 16 credit cards, held back to back in plastic sleeves that can be replaced when they wear out . Finally, the Coby Tab credit Card Holder comes complete with a tasteful gift box featuring the Abamaxa dog.

€ 15.00

Flat, discreet and soft leather. Great for a couple of cards and train pass.

€ 12.00
North South Sleeve

North south style replacement credit card holder sleeve. With numerous sleeves.

€ 4.00

A three way pass holder which folds trifold. Beautifully soft leather in pale blue

€ 18.00
Sadie Slim Credit Card Holder

The Sadie Slim Credit Card Wallet is ideal for those who find a wallet too bulky and so carry their cards in their pockets. Typically, cards carried this way become scratched and damaged, eventually ceasing to work altogether - possibly at a most embarrassing moment! This credit card holder is the solution. It is no bigger than a credit card and nearly as thin as one. It has three slip pockets, one located at the top and the other two on the front and back. These pockets allow 3 cards or 2 cards and a couple of notes to be safely carried. Also comes with a gift box making it an ideal present.

€ 12.00
Sleeve East West

East west opening credit card replacement sleeve in clear plastic for numerous cards

€ 4.00
Sparky Credit Card Holder With Plastic Inserts

Complete with box, this card holder makes a wonderful gift. Its smooth but hard wearing leather is lovely to touch. Its simple design still allows up to 14 cards to be stored. And, best of all, replacement plastic inserts are available from our website (and many others on the Internet), allowing the life of this credit card wallet to be extended over and over.

€ 12.00
The Casey Card Case

The advantage of this tall credit card case is that the extra height means the cards are spaced further apart, allowing more of the card to be exposed. This makes it easier to find a card. What is more, getting the cards in and out of this case is much easier than with a standard credit card holder because far more of the card is exposed, allowing a firmer grip. No inserts included. Supplied complete with Abamaxa gift box.

€ 12.00
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