Bella Large Bell Key Case

This is a large size bell keycase with a generous gusset of approximately an inch either side. Insid the case is a sturdy ring capable of holding multiple keys. When released from the outside, using the popper, the ring lowers out of the key case under the weight of the keys for easy access. All fashioned in a soft but durable leather. Comes in lovely presentation box featuring the Abamaxa dog.

£ 20.00
Buster Medium Bell Key Case

It is often said that simplest designs are the best and so it is with bell key cases. This design features a leather bag (the bell) which hold the keys, like a the clanger in a bell - hence the name. The keys are held by a leather strap which extends outside the key case. To get to the keys you simply reach into the bottom and pull them out. The strap is then used pull the keys back in. This is our best selling bell case. It is a good size, easily able to hold 3/4 large keys. It's made from a nice, soft leather that is comfortable to hold yet durable. Comes in a beautiful presentation box featuring the Abamaxa dog. All in all a fantastic key case at a great price.

£ 15.00

Novelty puzzle keyring on chain. Comes giftboxed.

£ 12.00
Charlie Keycase Wallet

This soft leather key case has a huge capacity, with 6 key hooks and a large key ring. It also has a large pocket built into the lining and a smaller side pocket with a zip.

£ 12.00
Cody Tab Credit Card Holder

This tough little credit card holder offers excellent value for money. It is made from a tough, but soft, leather and is held shut with a tab, secured with a pop stud. It has capacity for 16 credit cards, held back to back in plastic sleeves that can be replaced when they wear out (just search for "Plastic Inserts"). Finally, the Coby Tab credit Card Holder comes complete with a tasteful gift box featuring the Abamaxa dog.

£ 15.00
Ellesmere Keycase With Note Pocket

Superb quality, clever design and tasteful style aptly describe this key case. The tough hard wearing leather and high grade fittings make this a key case that can be expected to last for years. The innovative use of space to fit a full size pocket behind the keys is evidence of the smart design. Best of all, this is a key case that looks simply great making it an ideal gift, especially as it comes in a classy presentation box.

£ 20.00
Kos Large 16 Key Holder Wallet

The Kos Key Holder is ideal for carrying a large number of keys. This keycase features two key holder banks, each holding eight keys. A zip along the top and side enables the keycase to be held shut, while an open bottom allows oversized keys to be held.

£ 20.00
Naxos Rugby Key Case

This style of keycase is shaped a bit like a rugby ball, hence its name. Inside the keycase are two seperate key pouches, each with a key ring on a 5cm long leather strap. Zips on the front and back provide access to each pouch. This design help to prevent the keys rubbing together while also allowing the keycase to slip easily in and out of a pocket. Ideal for carrying car and front door keys in comfort without the jangling of keys.

£ 18.00

Key wallet of the finest Italian hide with room for 6keys and an additional removable front door fob. Comes giftboxed and delivered.

£ 32.00
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