Antigua Slim Credit Card Wallet And Notecase

This wonderfully compact credit card holder will also serve as a wallet for those of you who like to travel light. It comes with six credit card slots and four slip pockets, two on the inside and two more built into the front and back of the wallet. These slip pockets can easily take notes, papers or additional cards. Also comes complete with a presentation gift box.

€ 15.00
Bailey Compact Notecase With Six Credit Card Slots

This wonderfully compact credit card holder/wallet pack tons of capacity. It has a full length section for notes. Then, on the inside, it has 6 credit card slots built in the cover. Finally it also has removable (and replaceable) plastic credit card inserts capable of holding a further 18 credit cards (back to back). Best of all, this wallet/card holder is made for a super smooth, waxy leather and comes if a beautiful presentation gift box featuring the Abamaxa dog.

€ 20.00
Bali Credit Card Holder With Replaceable Plastic Inserts

Soft credit card holder in luxurious leather with two inner windows. Comes complete with additional removable plastic insert with eight leaves which can hold 16 cards, back to back. All packaged in a good quality silver coloured gift box.

€ 20.00
Cayman Slim Credit Card Holder

Virtually flat slip with one top slit for a credit cards in a soft, sleek leather. This slimline card holder is for the person that wishes to hold as little as possible in their pocket. It has a slit on either side for additional cards. Comes gift packaged in a good quality silver coloured box.

€ 12.00
Foley Slim Notecase With 6 Credit Card Slots

The Foley Notecase is a slim credit card holder and wallet rolled into one. Featuring a note sections, four credit card pockets and optional plastic inserts that may be removed to provide an extra two pockets. Comes boxed.

€ 25.00
Montague Tall Credit Card Wallet

This is a North/South credit card holder is made with areally soft leather. It opens like a book to reveal four credit card slips down each side. What is more, it also comes with an extra plastic insert, that is removable, which can take a further 16 cards back to back.

€ 20.00
Mornington Tab Credit Card Holder

Beautifully sleek credit card holder in the softest of leathers, complete with a tab for added security. opens to reveal a window on each side of the cover. Features additional plastic inserts with eight leaves enabling 16 cards to be stored. Packaged in a super gift box.

€ 20.00
North South Sleeve

North south style replacement credit card holder sleeve. With numerous sleeves.

€ 4.00
Slip In Id Holder

Ultra thin pass and card holder

€ 15.00
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