Flat Square Link

€ 18.00

Linked antique silver flat square chain. Price includes free gift bag.

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Solid multifaceted stone necklace. Beautiful on golds and taupes and pale pinks. Price includes gift bag.

€ 33.00

Add a sparkle to a black outfit with our super longer length necklace with sparkle nuggets. Delivered with free gift bag.

€ 15.00

Ingot shape block on chain. Long type lariat, very simple and effective. Price includes complimentary gift bag.

€ 18.00

Perfect pastel shades for dusky pinks and warm greys. Silver with charm cluster.

€ 18.00
Chunky Heart

Lovely little chunky heart necklace on a super snake chain.

€ 15.00

Very sparkly ball with two teardrops in a lariat style. Price included gift bag and delivery U.K.

€ 22.00

Multi coloured long bead necklace. Wrap round twice.

€ 12.00
Crackle Bracelet

Beautiful quality chunky statement bracelet with various stones and wires. Price includes U.K delivery.

€ 44.00
Crackle Necklace.

Quality chunky necklace with stunning stones and wires. Magnetic clasp. Matching bracelet can be purchased.

€ 55.00
Double Love

Twin heart lariat with pearl detailing.

€ 17.00

Cluster charm long length necklace in silver. Price includes delivery.

€ 15.00
Flat Square

Statement cascade necklace in pewter style flat square strings. Great cover for necklines. Price includes gift bag.

€ 18.00

Long line geometric gold and silver necklace. Price includes gift bag.

€ 15.00

Magnetic clip diamante bangle with extra glitter!

€ 12.00
Got A Bigheart

Large heart shape in silver on grey bead chain. Price includes free gift bag.

€ 20.00

Tiny jewelled wraparound bracelet with clasp. Really sparkly.

€ 12.00

Multiple charm long length necklace. Very pretty.

€ 10.00
Little Star

Cute little silver bracelet pull through design with shooting stars.

€ 10.00
Little Heart

Delicate beaded and diamonte bracelet. Price is posted.

€ 8.90
Little Leaves

Shorter length silver chained necklace with little leaf shapes.

€ 10.00
Marble Heart

Marble patterned dark grey heart on long tiny bead chain.

€ 24.00
Mini Cups

Little cup shapes on silver strand necklace. A shorter length. Price includes a free giftbag.

€ 10.00
Mini Heart

Shorter necklace with miniture rose gold hearts on a snake chain.

€ 12.00
Moon Discs

Statement piece of moon discs in bronze gold tones. Feels an empty neckline and makes a plain outfit stand out.

€ 15.00

Long Necklace on grey suede cord. Different charms in silver cream and grey. Price includes giftbag.

€ 10.00

Heavy weight, quality longer length necklace in 3 colours

€ 10.00

Lovely FIligree silver leaf pendant.

€ 14.00

Little half cups on silver chain. Shorter length necklace.

€ 10.00
Shooting Stars

Miniature shooting stars in silver multi chain bracelet.

€ 9.00
Silver Leaf

Long silver lariat with leaves.

€ 10.00
Solid Ball

Silver and plum ball on silver chain. Price includes gift bag.

€ 13.00
Solid Heart

Longer length very chunky heart pendant on delicate ball chain. Very smooth and delicate.

€ 20.00

Crystal Necklace. Solid with twisted wire and pearl detail. Pretty gift bag is included in the price.

€ 15.00
Toffee Bracelet

Beaded bracelet in natural wood and beads

€ 10.00
Tri Colour Flower

Three colour flower on a shorter chain. Price Includes free gift bag.

€ 10.00
Tri Hoops

Three colour hoops on a short snake chain with single diamante. Price includes free gift bag.

€ 12.00

Beautiful silver nuggets on a black silk thread. Price includes a gift bag.

€ 20.00
Two Tone Heart

Chunky two tone heart on silver delicate chain. Price includes giftbag.

€ 24.00

Chunky two tone teardrop necklace in longer length. Lovely to just twiddle!

€ 23.00
Wire Spangle

Gorgeous grey polished stone on wire loop necklace. Stunning.

€ 20.00
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