Vintage look, mounted magnifying glass. Fully adjustable. Makes a great gift and ornament for vintage look lovers.

€ 45.00

Vintage look heavy based clock for mantel piece or side table. Deep dome glass front which creates a unique perspective. Battery run.

€ 39.00
Purdy Purse

The most beautiful fabric purse with a full zip round. Inside there is plenty of credit card slots too and lots of change area. The base colour is black with greys and creams.

€ 30.00

Superb leather ringbinder with striped interior and fittings inside. Generous gusset so stores plenty. High shine.

€ 79.00

A set of 3 cut glass perfume bottles each individually boxed with 3 different styles.

€ 20.00

Vintage style trinket box delicately decorated.

€ 15.00
Silver Shoes

Silver pair of button over shoes. Alternative gift for display.

€ 23.00
Small Clipper

Fabulous chocolate brown hand luggage piece with chocolate brown leather trim. Detachable shoulder strap.Measuring at 46cm.

€ 255.00

Beautiful decorative side table clock. Uses for travel too. In two styles. Battery run.

€ 22.00
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