Solid multifaceted stone necklace. Beautiful on golds and taupes and pale pinks. Price includes gift bag.

€ 33.00

Add a sparkle to a black outfit with our super longer length necklace with sparkle nuggets. Delivered with free gift bag.

€ 15.00

Ingot shape block on chain. Long type lariat, very simple and effective. Price includes complimentary gift bag.

€ 18.00

Perfect pastel shades for dusky pinks and warm greys. Silver with charm cluster.

€ 18.00
Chunky Heart

Lovely little chunky heart necklace on a super snake chain.

€ 15.00

Very sparkly ball with two teardrops in a lariat style. Price included gift bag and delivery U.K.

€ 22.00

Multi coloured long bead necklace. Wrap round twice.

€ 12.00
Crackle Bracelet

Beautiful quality chunky statement bracelet with various stones and wires. Price includes U.K delivery.

€ 44.00
Crackle Necklace.

Quality chunky necklace with stunning stones and wires. Magnetic clasp. Matching bracelet can be purchased.

€ 55.00
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